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Control Transformers Dealers In Chennai

We are the main Dealers and Suppliers of Transformers In Chennai.Also we are the Best Transformers Dealers In Chennai.
Control Transformers Dealers In Chennai We are the main Dealers and Suppliers of Transformers In Chennai.Also we are the Best Transformers Dealers In Chennai.
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Encoders INR 0 INR 0 Encoders can electronically monitor the position of a rotating shaft. Our Absolute Encoders are electro-mechanical devices that are useful feedback elements in closed-loop control systems. They provide position control in packaging, robotics, pick and place, lead/ball screw, rotary table positioning and component insertion applications. Our Incremental Optical Encoders provide low cost, smaller physical size, high frequency and high resolution. Our accessories help you easily install and efficiently use our encoders. True 1497526252
Switched-Mode Power Supply - SMPS
Switched-Mode Power Supply - SMPS INR 0 INR 0 A switched-mode power supply (SMPS) is an electronic circuit that converts power using switching devices that are turned on and off at high frequencies, and storage components such as inductors or capacitors to supply power when the switching device is in its non-conduction state. True 1497526441
Programmable Logic Controller
Programmable Logic Controller INR 0 INR 0 Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a control system using electronic operations. Its easy storing procedures, handy extending principles, functions of sequential/position control, timed counting and input/output control are widely applied to the field of industrial automation control. Delta's DVP series programmable logic controllers offer high-speed, stable and highly reliable applications in all kinds of industrial automation machines. In addition to fast logic operation, bountiful instructions and multiple function cards, the cost-effective DVP-PLC also supports various communication protocols, connecting Delta's AC motor drive, servo, human machine interface and temperature controller through the industrial network in to a complete “Delta Solution” for all users. True 1497526375
Control Transformers
Control Transformers INR 0 INR 0 Control Transformers are to supply power to control and / or auxiliary equipment not intended for direct connection to the main source. Control Transformers are specifically used to provide control supply voltage for the control circuits of AC motor starters, i.e. Starter coils, timers, indicating lamps electronics protection relays etc. Control Transformers for contractor applications have to Energize the coil and Maintain a contact for definite period of time. The initial energizing of the coil takes 5 to 40 mil. seconds and requires 3 to 10 times the normal current. While calculating the VA rating of the Control transformer, this factor should be taken in to account. They are available for single phase and three phase inputs and are in the range from 15 VA to 30 KVA. True 1497526554
INDUCTIVE CAPACITIVE OPTICAL SENSORS INR 0 INR 0 We stock, deal in and supply the excellent quality of INDUCTIVE CAPACITIVE OPTICAL SENSORS in Chennai. True 1497526183
Electrical Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments
Electrical Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments INR 0 INR 0 We, Asian Engineering & Services are highly respectable authorized stockist, dealer and supplier of unmatched quality of Electrical Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments, Digital Measuring Instruments and Industrial Measuring Instruments. Our company caters to industrial needs of Electrical, Electronic Test and Measuring Instruments by supplying from ready stock. Our all products are procured from highly reputed manufacturer and supplier to maintain quality of products. We supply a long list of products range of instruments like Multimeters, Meggers, Tong Testers, Earth Testers, Anemo Meters, Sound Level Meters, RPM Meters, Tacho Meters, Power Analysers, Power & harmonic Analysers, Multifunctional Meters, Digital/Analog Amps Meters, Volt Meters, Power Factor Meters, Watt Meters, VAR Meters, KVAR Meters, KWH Meters, Hardness Testers, Coating Thickness Gauges and many more. True 1496138098
Process Control & Automation Instruments
Process Control & Automation Instruments INR 0 INR 0 We stock, deal in and supply the excellent quality of Process Control & Automation Instruments, Electronic Process Control Instruments, Digital Process Control Instruments and Temperature Measuring Instruments, which include all types of Temperature Measuring & Recording Instruments, Digital Thermometer, Temperature Controllers Temperature Scanners, Temperature Recorders, Data Loggers, Temperature Sensors, Digital / Dial Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Timers, PLC’s and also all types of Proximity Sensors, Switching Mode Power Supplies, Transducers, I/O Modules, Manometers, Rotometers, Flow Meters Controllers etc. We are also an authorized Stockists/ Dealer of the well reputed company such as Selectron Process Instruments Pvt Ltd., Proximin Controls Pvt Ltd, ABUS and ATCO. True 1496138158
Electrical & Electronic Lab Training Instruments
Electrical & Electronic Lab Training Instruments INR 0 INR 0 We, Asian Engineering Services are authorized dealer and stockist of Educational Electrical Electronic Lab Training Instruments and also under take setting up of Electrical & Electronic Labs for Engineering Colleges & Polytechnics on turnkey basis as per A.I.C.T.E norms. Asian Engineering & Services has completed a number of such projects with the help of highly qualified and experienced professionals in all over Tamil Nadu and Southern Region. Our long list of instruments are- Coupled Motors, Generator Sets with Starter Panels, Alternators, AC/DC Machines, all types of Starters, Drives, DC Regulated Power Supplies, Decade Resistance, Conductance & Inductance Boxes, Rheostats, Load Banks, Rectifier Panels, L.C.R. Bridges, Wheatstone Bridges, Oscilloscopes, Trainer Kits, Function Generators, Portable, & Desktop Meter for Amps, Volts, Power Factor Meters, Transformers and many more items. True 1496138377
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